Saturday, December 4, 2010

[WSJ Opinion]: Replace the FCC by Real Choice!

Andy Kessler, a former hedge-fund manager and AT&T Bell Labs chip designer and programmer, calls in a Wall Street Journal Opinion column to - "close the Federal Communications Commission. This week, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski gave a speech outlining his push for net neutrality [here], the absurd notion that the Internet should be "open and free" when in fact it's quite expensive to build [here]".

See "Time to Shut Down the FCC" - here.

"Real network neutrality would come from customers dropping a fee-hiking Comcast and taking their business to another provider who can stream high-definition movies [here], TV shows and the next wave of video games. Right now, consumers are stuck with no real options because cable companies continue to bully municipalities to be the sole operator .. In place of the FCC, all we need is a policy framework that states that consumers and innovators have a right to one thing: real choice. Everyone should have the right to choose among many networks for communications services, and no state or municipality may restrict competition.

That's it. Everything else—faster networks, innovative services, a la carte programming, and yes, even privacy—follows from this one rule. Pay a new provider $5 extra a month and no one tracks what websites you visit!"

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