Wednesday, December 1, 2010

NSN: New iPhone OS Saves Network Resources

Leslie Shannon, from NSN's Network Systems’ Mobile Broadband team reports in the NSN blog that "With its latest iPhone iOs 4.2 software, it looks like Apple is joining efforts to cut smartphone signalling down to size. Tests by Nokia Siemens Networks have shown that iPhone iOs 4.2  supports a technology called Network Controlled Fast Dormancy, which we have already introduced into our networks".

See "New iPhone OS supports our network technology to boost smartphone performance" - here.

See background - "NSN and Qualcomm Show 50% More Efficient Signaling" - here and "StarHub Uses Huawei to Reduce Network Signaling by 83%"- here.

"One Middle Eastern operator, for instance, found that smartphones on a NSN network had a battery life of 11 hours compared to six hours on a competing network. Meanwhile, testing in North America found that our smart networks generate up to 50% less smartphone signalling".


  1. Can you explain what impact high signaling traffic has on overall output at the RAN and Core network level?

  2. I believe the following post "NSN: Android and Blackberry Phones Overload Networks with Signaling" - can help. Check out the linked NSN document.

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