Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bridgewater: Use Cases for Policy Control

A recent post to Bridgewater Systems' blog - "Mobile Get Personal" - presents a number of use-cases for policy management.

See "A Day in the Life: How subscriber, service, and policy controls improve the consumer experience" - here.

The cases are presented by visiting "a ‘Day in the Life’ of a typical mobile user whose network operator has implemented subscriber, service, and policy control technology".

The illustration below tells the whole story .. "To summarize, then, our consumer can access the network and securely shift to Wi-Fi when necessary. He can also track his mobile usage when roaming by setting limits and notifications. The policy application on his device even enables him to receive special offers such as a roaming day pass or top-up. The biggest advantage to him today, however, was his ability to decide which of his apps had bandwidth priority – specifically, ensuring that his customer visit was unhampered by bandwidth issues. The moral of the story is that subscriber, service, and policy control technology benefits the consumer as much as the operator; everyone wins"

Other posts on Policy management use cases - Vodafone (here), Telefonica (here), AT&T (here), Comptel (here), Allot (here)

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