Monday, December 20, 2010

Vendor Review: Traffix' Diameter Router

Last week I spoke to Ben Volkow (picture), CEO of Traffix Systems, about their latest technology and product - the Diameter Router Agent.

The company, established 5 years ago, developed enabling technology - Diameter Protocol Stack (here) to major networking equipment vendors (see "Traffix Diameter Platform is integrated with Allot Communications’ Online Charging and Policy Control" - here) and later started to introduce its own products, including the Diameter Gateway, router and load balancer.

The Diameter Router (here, chart below) helps deploying complex PCRF-PCEF configurations, in which multiple PCRFs need to communicate with multiple PCEFsin an efficient, secured and reliable manner. While this entity is defined by the 3GPP standards, such products became available recently and field deployments are just starting. 

Competitors are Tekelec, who announced the Diameter Signaling Router on October (here) and IntelliNet Technologies' Diameter Agent (here).

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