Tuesday, December 7, 2010

YES [Satellite TV, Israel] Secret Plan - Be an OTT Provider

The Israeli site, The Marker, exposed the strategic plans of Yes, a TV Satellite provider: the "Virtual Setup box" - moving to be an OTT content provider only.

According to site (here, Hebrew), Yes will use the internet infrastructure, with CPEs such as streamers, Boxee, Blu-ray players, PC, tablets and internet connected TV sets. The service will be based on monthly subscription as well as per-per-view. This is a significant change to the company’s business model, operation and technical staff.

Yes is a member of the Bezeq group, the incumbent teleco in Israel, the only provider of DSL services who recently deployed a "NGN" service (here), and announced that it will provide a 200 Mbps service using NSN equipment (see "Bezeq now ultra-fast with its broadband in Israel" - here)

"Our next generation network is now capable of delivering an experience people never thought possible. It gives Bezeq a major competitive edge, as our subscribers now have access to the fastest broadband speeds in the country to meet all their online requirements," said Yuval Keinan, vice president engineering, Bezeq

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