Friday, December 10, 2010

Government DPI Market will Reach $330.2M by 2015

Yet another DPI market size report - this time focusing on the government sector.

The report, from Infiniti Research (available from the Report Linker) states that "For the sake of this report, the deep packet inspection market for the government sector includes vendors providing DPI technology based devices, solutions and offerings to various government agencies. This report does not include vendors who primarily cater to internet service providers with only a small focus on the government sector .. companies covered are Qosmos (here), Endace, ipoque, Bivio Networks (here)".

See "Deep Packet Inspection Market for Government Sector 2010-2015" - here and here (PDF)

"Deep Packet Inspection Market for Government Sector – 2010-2015 report forecasts that this market will reach $330.2M by 2015 growing at a CAGR of 30%".

Sounds high, considering the current size of the companies covered - as well as the total size of the DPI market (here). I'd recommend to look also at Verint (here). For example, Verint's IP-Probe product (here and here) is "based on in-house Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) expertise for up to 10 gigabit/sec"

Key market drivers include:

• Imperative need for increasing surveillance on the internet
• Increasingly effective and growing number of cyber attacks on government websites
• Increase in bandwidth congestion in key government areas as result of unwanted bandwidth usage
• Rising need for censorship in some areas of the internet

See also - "Market Research Data: "U.S. Government will Spend $7.2B on DPI" - here.

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