Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Everything Everywhere (UK) Likes Application-based Tiered Services

Which?Mobile reports that "During a meeting earlier today between Everything Everywhere representatives and Which? Mobile, the telco mooted the idea of a broadband market where your internet package dictates what types of content you can access. This, it felt, had the potential to allow more flexible tariff pricing."

Everything Everywhere is the parent company of the merged operation of T-Mobile and Orange in the UK. It has now 28M subscribers and 16,000 employees.

See "Would you pay your operator extra to access YouTube?"- here.
" if you’re not interested in watching online video such as the BBC iPlayer, then you could move to a cheaper tariff .. Those who want free access to all content types could pay more for a deal with no restrictions .. Everything Everywhere was careful to stress that it’s not currently considering adopting these kinds of tariffs. But it said it does not want industry regulators to restrict such a strategy in the interest of net neutrality"

Which?’s Net Neutrality policy expert Rob Reid  said "Allowing ISPs to develop tariffs with restricted access to the web could open the door to discrimination and harm innovation"

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