Monday, May 28, 2012

NI Announcements: Movik's RAN Intelligence and Control

Most traffic management/DPI solutions for mobile networks (PCEFs) do not have location, or mobile awareness. As a result, they have to make some  assumptions as for the actual load on network elements in order to manage traffic where it is really needed ("reasonable traffic management").

Simply put - these solutions cannot track when subscribers move to a different cell or backhaul link - the expensive and congested elements of the network. Recently, several vendors added some technology to support subscriber location/mobile/cell awareness including Sandvine and CommProve to their traffic management solutions.

Movik Networks, unveiled its "REACH (Report, Export, Act, Control, HetNet) architecture, the foundation of its intelligent RAN solution. Exposing real-time intelligence from the RAN, the part of the network that can impact efficiency and QoE the most ,.. With Movik’s REACH architecture each individual element of the access network, down to the sector" 

"Movik’s REACH architecture provides the following key functions: REPORT: Movik extracts intelligence from multiple sources including the RAN, UE, circuit and packet networks, content types and deep application awareness .. EXPORT: trigger real-time actions on an operator’s existing policy, content optimization, and traffic management platforms ..ACT: autonomously with a broad range of capabilities from admission control to relevant content delivery. As an active PCEF, Movik can be used to simultaneously reduce traffic to congested sectors while turbo-boosting subscriber connections in unloaded regions .. CONTROL: provide input into multi technology heterogeneous networks (HetNets) including SON (Self Organizing Networks) deployments and HetNet: delivers a multi RAT heterogeneous overlay network that is optimally loaded across disparate wireless verticals in real-time, based on UE demands to drastically lower an operator’s CAPEX and increase subscriber QoE".
See "Movik Introduces REACH™ Architecture, the Foundation of the Intelligent RAN" - here.


  1. Sounds great as a concept, but i fear most operators dont want to buy and do maintenance to additional boxes. actually they are trying to reduce the amount of boxes and to consolidated network elements.

  2. Probably depends which interfaces the box sniffs and how much capacity it can handle to work out what foot print is actually needed. Operators are still buying probes so why would this be any different.

    I cant believe they are looking at the IuB (as its encrypted)so they must be monitoring in the core and attempting to workout what the RAN is up to. Not sure how accurate this would be but probably better than Gi.

    If operators could convince the NodeB and RNC vendors to expose their stats/counters then that would be an interesting feedback mechanism for traffic and policy management. I doubt the Vendors will do this but maybe a big operator like AT&T could force their hand.

  3. Thanks for that updated info, a fantastic service for everyone. More power to you!