Thursday, September 15, 2011

PeerApp and EdgeCast Offer Operators Joint CDN/Caching Solution

EdgeCast Networks and PeerApp announced a "comprehensive content delivery solution for network operators [that] combines EdgeCast licensed CDN software .. with PeerApp’s UltraBand transparent caching platform .. these technologies will let operators cache all content – managed and unmanaged – that is carried across their networks ..  both traditional CDN and transparent caching are needed in order to allow operators to capture and manage the broadest set of content entering their networks .. The combined architecture will include functionality that lets operators use a single set of caching configurations for content, regardless of publisher relationships, capturing more content without disrupting application functionality. It will also provide the ability to monitor performance and administer the platform through a single interface, delivering new operational efficiencies"

Aditya Kishore (pictured), senior analyst, Heavy Reading said: "CDNs cache and deliver content based on paid agreements with content owners, so they only address ‘contracted’ content. Other traffic that may be causing network problems is left largely unaffected .. Conversely, the transparent cache is deployed by operators to intercept traffic based purely on its impact on delivery costs and network congestion. Both approaches use edge caching as a solution, but have different objectives. Operators can combine the two approaches to help alleviate congestion, improve QoE and cut transit costs on one hand; but also generate incremental revenue and create a place in the online video distribution value chain, on the other.

See "EdgeCast and PeerApp Join Forces on Operator CDN Solution" - here.