Tuesday, November 30, 2010

AT&T CEO Urged the FCC: "not to adopt regulations that lack sensitivity to ..."

"... the dynamics of investment in a difficult economy, or to the capabilities and challenges inherent in different broadband technologies (Phone call from CEO Randall Stephenson to FCC chairman Julius Genachowski on Nov. 23)", according to the story in the Washington Post, By Cecilia Kang.

See "AT&T ramps up lobbying effort against net neutrality at FCC" - here.

"The FCC has also met with Public Knowledge, the Open Internet Coalition, and Amazon -- who are all in favor of open Internet rules. MetroPCS has met with officials, urging against rules [see here why]. If the FCC were to pursue a net neutrality rule next month, its ability to do so would likely be challenged in courts, analysts say".

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