Tuesday, June 7, 2011

UK Government Pushes ISPs (Again) to Provide Better Parental Control

A new report by Reg Baily, Chief Executive of Mothers’ Union, commissioned by the UK Department of Education, recommends "Making it easier for parents to block adult and age-restricted material from the internet. To provide a consistent level of protection across all media, as a matter of urgency, the internet industry should ensure that customers must make an active choice over what sort of content they want to allow their children to access. To facilitate this, the internet industry must act decisively to develop and introduce effective parental controls, with Government regulation if voluntary action is not forthcoming within a reasonable timescale."

See "Letting Children be Children - Report of an Independent Review of the Commercialisation and Sexualisation of Childhood" - here and video below. The report is available here 

UK Prime Minister David Cameron (pictured with Mr. Baily) supported it and "has warned ISPs to be more robust with their plans to provide better tools to help parents censor sexualised content online, or else the government could step in with its own regulation measures" (see "Cameron calls for ISP-level parental censorship tools" - here)

This is not the first time we see government pressure in the UK to so that (here amd here) and TalkTalk already announced such service, dubbed Homesafe, for free (here, using Huawei equipment).

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