Monday, February 11, 2013

$6M Parental Control Win for Allot in EMEA (with Partner)

URL filtering (or parental control) becomes popular recently. Procera Networks announced "Web Content Categorization & Filtering capabilities" (here) and today's announcement by Allot Communications shows the market potential.

Allot announced that it has been "awarded an approximately $6 million project from a Tier 1 operator which will be implemented in phases over several years ..  The project, awarded by a Tier-1 mobile operator in EMEA, highlights the importance mobile operators place on the cloud-based services which Allot’s product suite enable .. the comprehensive solution was built in collaboration with an Allot technology partner. Its capabilities include URL filtering based on website categories, real-time content filtering, file blocking, protocol and application filtering, multi-policy controls for age appropriate segmentation and online content inspection and filtering for uncategorized URLs".
Allot announced two partners for parental control: AdaptiveMobile (see "Allot Integrates with AdaptiveMobile Parental Control & Malware Protection" - here) and the more established relations with Optenet (see "Optenet and Allot Team on Integrated DPI/Parental Control" - here) with which it announced several joint projects already (Vodafone Turkey)

"The deployment focuses on the capabilities of Allot’s Service Gateway to identify traffic, in real-time, that belongs to subscribers registered for the Parental Control Service (based on the identification of the subscribers’ service plan). Allot Service Gateway steers the subscribers’ traffic to a virtualized Parental Control filter, which then screens the web pages for harmful or inappropriate content"

See "Allot Awarded $6 Million Project to Provide Virtualized Parental Control Service to Tier-1 Mobile Operator" - here.


  1. Hi,
    Where this money comes from? From pure DPI installation or /with URL redirection? Do DPI vendors get money from this? I thought its a business mainly for Par.Con. vendors.


  2. The money comes from the whole solution, which according to the release includes Allot's DPI gear (Service Gateway), Allot's subscriber management software, steering facility and the 3rd party Parental Control software (and hardware). The DPI gear could be used also for other purposes.

    It seems that Allot was the solution provider (prime contractor), therefore it pays the partner for the parental control software licenses - possibly priced by the number of subscribers that will using the service.