Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sandvine: 40 Joint Deployments with PeerApp, Mobixell and Netsweeper

It is no longer "traditional DPI" - detecting bandwidth hungry applications, and shaping traffic or managing congestion on mobile networks. It is about an "eco-system" of services operators wish to see implemented by a single vendor, device or solution.

Allot acquired several companies for video optimization and caching  (see "Allot's Revenues from 2012 Acquisitions" - here), Procera launched HTTP content technology (see "Procera: HTTP Needs Deeper DPI" - here and "Procera Adds High Performance Web Content Categorization & Filtering" - here) although it is focused more on the traditional solutions.

Sandvine builds an eco-system of partners, and it has "deployed over 40 plug-and-play video optimization, parental control and content caching solutions with leading vendors Mobixell, Netsweeper and PeerApp. Sandvine’s patented redirection technology enables: Content Caching, provided by the PeerApp UltraBand transparent caching platform .. Content/Parental Controls: provided by Netsweeper, enables operators to deliver web filtering as a value-added service across fixed and mobile networks and Video Optimization  provided by Mobixell Seamless Access platform, ".

Don Bowman (pictured), CTO, Sandvine said: “Our redirection technology provides clear efficiencies when partnered with third party experts. For example, the Sandvine -Mobixell and Sandvine-Netsweeper partnerships reduce the number of servers CSPs need to deliver video and filter content; and Sandvine solves the network inconsistency of triangle routing or asymmetry, which helps PeerApp deliver video and other content more efficiently”.

See "Sandvine Ecosystem Enables 40 Successful Deployments" - here.

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