Monday, January 28, 2013

Procera: HTTP Needs Deeper DPI

Interesting post by Jon Linden (pictured), in conjunction with Procera Networks' recent announcement on URL DPI features (see "Procera Adds High Performance Web Content Categorization & Filtering" - here).

Jon says - "HTTP is not just a web protocol anymore .. the big difference came with smartphones using “apps”, where the majority of the apps use HTTP as a bearer ..  This means that HTTP today plays the same role as TCP .. plus the fact that HTTP generates the majority of the online traffic today .. For a DPI engine, HTTP is the easiest and the hardest protocol to detect. You can instantly see that it’s HTTP, but you have to look deep into the flow to ensure that it’s not an application that disguises its true identity, and to get the full flavour of what it really is"

See "HTTP, The New TCP" - here.

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