Saturday, August 6, 2011

AT&T Continues to Push UBB - Now to Illegal Tethering

AT&T continues in its efforts to increase ARPU while trying to cap its bandwidth "abusers". Last week the carrier announced a new "fair use" policy for unlimited users (see "AT&T to Throttle Top 5% of Unlimited Subscribers" - here) and now it takes a new measure against illegal tethering (see previous action - "AT&T Detects and Enforces Tethering Policy" - here).

Zach Epstein (pictured) reports to BGR that "AT&T confirmed to BGR that it will soon begin revoking unlimited data plans from jailbroken iPhone users and other smartphone users who utilize unauthorized tethering and mobile hotspot solutions ..  which is expressly prohibited by AT&T according to its terms and conditions ..  A new report from 9to5 Mac claims that users will begin losing unlimited plans as soon as August 11th, but AT&T stated that the policy enforcement date varies depending on when the offending subscriber was sent the notification letter".
See "AT&T to soon begin revoking unlimited data from jailbreak hotspot users" - here.

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