Monday, August 1, 2011

Israeli MNOs - Do They Keep the Net Neutrality Law?

Amitai Ziv (picture) has a story today in the Israeli news site, TheMarker, on Net Neutrality.

As Israel has a Net Neutrality law for wireless services (see "Net Neutrality [Israel] - Parliament Approved Wireless Neutrality" - here), it is interesting to see the comments he got by the 3 mobile operators:
  • Pelephone (here): "we study the subject and will act according to the law"
  • Cellcom (here): "we act according to the law"
  • Partner (here): "we keep the net Neutrality principle and operate according to regulation and our license terms. We do not prevent access to any network service. As guided by the regulator, we use systems to optimize network resources and prevent malicious activities by the subscribes"
See - here (in Hebrew). I was also interviewed to the article.

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