Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cotendo CEO: "We have a fertile technological dialogue with Google"

Cotendo's (see "CDN Announcements: Cotendo's Cloudlet - Getting Closer to the Subscriber" - here) CEO, Ronni Zehavi (pictured), was interviewed to Batya Feldman, Globes, providing some insights into the company business.

Cotendo raised recently $17M from strategic (Citrix and Juniper) and existing investors (here).  Last year Akamai filed a patent infringement lawsuit against the company (here).

According to Globes, Cotendo ".. With tens of millions of dollars in annual sales, and after hiring scores of employees for its development center the company is forging ahead .. Cotendo currently has 350 paying customers .. it also has joint development agreement and fertile technological dialogue with Google".

Mr. Zehavi told Globes that "Akamai really arrived with a buzz 12 years ago and changed the market, but a few things have changed since then, and it didn’t change its business model .. Akamai has thousands of servers scattered around the world, and it's obvious that a company like us cannot set up such an infrastructure alone. That's why we decided to build a special pump that would render redundant the dispersion of servers and which would present better performance than the current architecture"
See "Site acceleration co Cotendo seeks to challenge Akamai" - here.

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