Friday, August 5, 2011

Optimization Deployments(82): Mobifone[Vietnam] Selected Ericsson/Vantrix Video and Bandwidth Optimization Solution

Ericsson announced that "Mobifone, one of Vietnam's leading mobile operators with 32 percent of the country's mobile communications market, has chosen an Ericsson  solution for combined bandwidth and mobile broadband traffic optimization .. Thanks to the solution that resulted from a recent partnership between the video solutions provider Vantrix and Ericsson [see "Ericsson to Bundle Vantrix Video Optimization Solutions" - here], the operator will be able to efficiently manage and optimize video content delivery over its nationwide mobile network. More than 29 million Mobifone subscribers will have the chance to enjoy faster and smoother video directly on their mobile phones".

See "29 million in Vietnam to enjoy high-quality video on their mobiles" - here.

Le Ngoc Minh (pictured), Chairman of Mobifone, said: "Because of limited fixed network availability, we know Vietnamese people will view more video on their mobile devices than their PCs. Given the explosive demand for high-quality mobile video, we wanted a solution that could help decrease our transmission costs while providing an enhanced real-time viewing experience and faster downloads for our users. This combined solution met all our demands".

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