Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tekelec Shows Traction in Diameter Routing - 2nd Order from Verizon

In its Q2 report (here), Tekelec states that "in the second quarter we recorded our second multi-million dollar order for our Diameter Signaling Router (“DSR”) solution from a Tier One service provider to support its nationwide LTE rollout. DSR is one of the primary solutions in our session management portfolio. .. We believe this second order from a Tier One service provider is an important point in support of our belief that a centralized intelligent session management layer is critical for an efficient, scalable network". See previous post on this here.

Tekelec tweeted that "Three customers have now selected our DSR for their LTE rollouts and in addition we have numerous trials underway" (here).

According to Current Analysis (and other sources in the industry) the tier1 customer is Verizon Wireless: "With the revelation of a deployment of its Diameter Signaling Router in Verizon Wireless’ 3G and 4G networks, Tekelec makes a play for leadership in the still fomenting Diameter traffic-handling equipment sector of the market". See "Tekelec Demonstrates Traction in Emerging Diameter Signaling Controller Market with Verizon Wireless Deployment" - here).

Back to the report - Tekelec says that " .. For the six months ended June 30, 2011, revenues from Verizon represented 15% of our total revenues". Total revenues for the quarter were $96.8M and for H1 $204.6 (here), hence revenues from Verizon were $30.7M. VW also uses Tekelec's PCRF product (see "Verizon Wireless Selects Camiant for PCRF" - here).

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