Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Service Challenges in Multiscreen Video Delivery to the Home

Interesting article by , Current Analysis, about video delivery to the home. 

Few quotes are brought below, but you are encouraged to read the whole thing - "Taking charge of multiscreen content delivery: challenges and opportunities" - here.

  • Today's multiscreen video market opportunity is heavily focused on delivering video applications and "TV experiences" for consumption on companion devices in the home: smartphones, PCs, and tablets
  • Yet, there are also associated challenges to capturing the companion device opportunity. Bandwidth caps are the most prevalent challenge, (and also the least discussed). Video applications consume increasing amounts of bandwidth, and there is not yet a viable business model in place to satisfy both consumer demand for, and service provider supply of, bandwidth resources"
  • AT&T, Comcast and Shaw all have 250 GB/month caps .. Yet these caps are moving targets, as video consumption and bandwidth requirements are projected to continue their trajectory upwards and to the right. As an example, Comcast demonstrated a 1 Gbps service at this year's Cable Show, downloading an entire season of 30 Rock in about 90 seconds. With today's cap in place, a subscriber would exhaust their allotment in less than 10 minutes, downloading roughly three seasons of 30 Rock. Effectively dealing with bandwidth-heavy multiscreen video requires adaptation on the part of consumers, networks, and services.
  • Service providers need to set consumer expectations and better educate them in terms of service tiers for the data rates they purchase. Innovative approaches leverage bundling, whereby subscribers are offered higher data caps if they subscribe to the service provider's pay TV and phone service

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