Thursday, August 4, 2011

Telstra CTO: "One of the key issues going forward is the notion of Quality of Service"

Hugh Bradlow (pictured), CTO of Telstra, provided recently deep insights into the ways MNOs should examine in order to turn the huge infrastructure investments into revenues and profit.

According to him, MNOs should be everything but a dumb pipe provider ... (see also "PCRF Deployments (36): Telstra Uses NSN PCS-5000" - here and "Telstra Prevents Bill Shock by Cutting Off Subscribers" - here).

In an interview to Benny Har-Even from the Broadband World Forum, Mr. Bradlow said that: 
  • One of the primary issues is that, for an increasing number of people, the cellular connection is now the primary means of accessing the internet, meaning that the telco, rather than the traditional ISP
  • When you’ve got media-centric broadband traffic, it’s not bursty in the same way that web traffic is, so you can’t statistically multiplex as much traffic onto low bandwidth links as you can with web-centric traffic
  • Either you end up with a very expensive solution, or you have to restrict the type of video bandwidth that users can avail themselves of
  • There has to be some rebalancing of how payments are being done in the internet world. How that’s going to be is still not clear. All the debates around net neutrality kind of miss the central points around the need for investment to sustain the ongoing growth of the system
  • “I think that one of the key issues going forward is the notion of Quality of Service and the notion that people are prepared pay for better quality of the delivery of their services
 See more - "Talking Telstra" - here.

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