Thursday, August 4, 2011

FCC: "Most ISPs delivered actual download speeds within 20% of advertised speeds"

While Ofcom found huge differences in "advertized vs. actual" download speeds in the UK (here), US broadband subscribers should be happy - the larger ISPs (with the exception of Cablevision during peak hours) deliver on their promises (usually around 90% and sometimes more than 100% - like Verizon FiOS service), according to a recent report by the FCC.
The report (see "Measuring Broadband America" - here) "presents results of the first nationwide performance study of residential wireline (or “fixed,” as opposed to mobile) broadband service in the United States using measurement technology deployed in the consumer’s home, focusing on three technologies—digital subscriber line (DSL), cable, and fiber-to-the-home .. The results contained in this Report will enable consumers to compare the actual performance of different broadband offerings with a new level of detail and accuracy"

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