Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bytemobile Launches Integrated DPI, Caching, Optimization and NI Solution

Today, MNOs need to implement a complex array of single-function (or few-functions) devices in order to control data traffic, at the application layer, in a way that will fit their business goals.
In many cases they need to purchase the popular functions (DPI/traffic shaping, video and data optimization, caching, web filtering/parental control, security and some other minor functions) separately, from multiple vendors, in separate purchasing projects. In addition they need to integrate all functions into one system – by adding a load balancing and traffic steering function (with subscriber and application awareness) and interfacing with the centralized OSS environment including the policy manager (PCRF).

Realizing that, vendors that were focusing on a specific function are trying for several years now, to migrate to a function-rich solution by developing or OEMing the functions they do not have. Sometimes the new functions run on blades in a single device and in other cases on a separate device/s - as much as performance and time-to-market allow. We have seen this at Allot, Sandvine, Comverse, Cisco (Starent's GGSN) and others. So far no vendor has the "right collection" of functions for today's mobile needs.
Now Bytemobile tries to address the challenge. The vendor launched ".. the T3000 Adaptive Traffic Management System .. enabling operators to manage millions of mobile subscribers’ access to rich content and applications through a single platform .. The T3100 is the industry's first fully integrated in-line platform designed to automatically adapt and manage all mobile Internet Protocol (IP) traffic based on real-time network conditions .. The solution effectively eliminates costly capital expenditures and operating expenses associated with a combination of network elements for caching, load balancing, deep packet inspection (DPI), web and video optimization, policy control, and analytics. This reduces the operators’ total cost of ownership (TCO) for traffic management by up to 50 percent within months of deployment. Through the use of adaptive traffic management and auto-tunable traffic control features, the T3100 improves the utilization and performance of existing network capacity by 30-50 percent"

Chris Koopmans (pictured), vice president of products at Bytemobile said: “.. the T3100 .. can detect and react to network conditions in the cell, radio access network (RAN) and core in milliseconds. With intelligence that spans seven dimensions of traffic control and unparalleled control functions to inspect data traffic at all layers of the network, the T3100 measures each subscribers QoE in real time, enabling operators to dynamically adjust traffic flows to maximize the user experience.
Byte's Adaptive Traffic Management System includes DPI (see spec below), load balancing and traffic steering, Smart Caching, Selective Optimization, Network and Application Intelligence.

See "Bytemobile Unveils Industry’s First Adaptive Traffic Management System for Evolving Mobile Networks" - here.

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