Monday, August 29, 2011

Salient Federal Solutions: IPv6 Threats can be Eliminated Using DPI

Salient Federal Solutions reports "real-world incidents of IPv6 attacks based on the emerging protocol's tunneling capabilities, routing headers, DNS broadcasting and rogue routing announcements. The company asserts that all of these threats can be eliminated with the use of IPv6-enabled deep packet inspection tools, which it (here) and other network vendors sell".

See "IPv6 eyed by torrent users to avoid network throttling" - here.

Jeremy Duncan (pictured), senior director and IPv6 network architect for Salient Federal Systems, said: "IPv6 tunneling gives attackers a green light to penetrate networks .. uTorrent, which is an IPv6-capable freeware client for the BitTorrent peer-to-peer protocol that's used to share large files such as music and movies runs very well over Teredo, and that the BitTorrent community is discovering IPv6 as a way of avoiding network congestion controls that are used by ISPs to manage BitTorrent traffic on IPv4 networks"

The slides below are taken from Jeremy's presentation "IPv6 Is Here. Is Your Network Secure?" at the 7th Annual GFIRST National Conference, held in Nashville earlier this month.

The 2 parts presentation is available here and here.



  1. Deep packet inspection tools are useful for security functions as well as internet data mining, eavesdropping, and internet censorship.

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