Tuesday, August 2, 2011

[Update 45: Cisco to Resell Openet; 20 Joint Accounts] PCRF - DPI Compatibility Matrix

Although Cisco has recently launched its own PCC/PCRF product (IPCF - here), it seems that it continues to tighten its relations with the leading pure-players vendors.

This may confirm the conclusion of a recent review made by Joe McGarvey (pictured), Principal Analyst IP Services Infrastructure, Current Analysis: "While Cisco’s recently introduced policy control is strong on paper in several areas, the company will not be able to validate any of its performance or functionality claims until it rings up a few customer wins" (here).

Openet announced that "Cisco Systems has signed a global reseller agreement for Openet’s complete product suite including Policy Manager, Convergent Charging .. all running on Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) .. Openet integrates with the following Cisco products: ASR 5000, CSG, CSG2, SCE and eGGSN".

"Joint deployments at Turkcell and Meteor Ireland in 2010, along with deployments with operators in Japan, Austria and the Netherlands, have driven Openet and Cisco Systems to agree to a comprehensive set of reseller terms covering commercial and technical services, as well as support models .. This agreement builds upon seven years of co-selling with Cisco on more than 20 accounts, including Orange and other service providers".

Possibly, the recent leaked documents - "AT&T Tests Openet & Cisco for LTE: Session based Pricing, Speed Tiers" - here - also explain the upgraded relations.

See "Continued Joint Deployments Drive Global Reseller Agreement with Cisco Systems" - here.

See also: "Volubill - Cisco Joint Projects" - here and "Bridgewater and Broadhop are Getting Closer to Cisco" - here.

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