Sunday, August 21, 2011

Validas: Smartphone Data Traffic Continue to Rise (+150%/Year in Verizon)

According to Validas blog post by Dylan Breslin-Barnhart (picture), Consumer Product Evangelist, "In the past year, Smartphone data usage has jumped massively across nearly all major carriers, with the exception of T-Mobile"

"Without caps on their usage and facilitated by fast 4G speeds, Sprint Smartphone users consumed the most data on average and show little sign of slowing down with their average data consumption soaring up by nearly 400MB per month in the last six months compared to the prior six months (see also "Sprint Will Throttle Virgin Mobile Users Exceeding 2.5GB" - here)".

The next report will be more interesting, as it will show the effect of AT&T (here) and Verizon (here) data caps and other measurements taken by the two giants to limit non-profitable data traffic.

See "Smartphone Data Usage Rockets Within Past Year; Verizon Wireless Smartphone Data Usage Up 150%" - here and "Are You Leaving Data On The Table With Your Smartphone Plan?" - here.

Previous reports: "Mobile Data Usage Stats: Savvy Users Get Savvier" - here and "Validas: Usage per User Increased from 96.8 MB to 145.8 MB" - here.

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