Sunday, March 18, 2012

ALU: "Smart revenue is smarter than dumb pipes"

A post to Alcatel-Lucent by Laura Merling, SVP of Applications Enablement at Alcatel-Lucent (pictured) looks new business models for MNOs, which will allow them to monetize on OTT services.

".. while the strain on network use is much greater, many exciting new monetization possibilities are rapidly arising. All those apps – in particular, the ones that hog all the bandwidth – increasingly rely on carriers for much more than mere connectivity. The app economy can drive carrier revenue, but only if carriers move away from charging for bandwidth .. Take the argument that over-the-top providers should be charged for bandwidth use. Turn the equation around and make it about quality of service. Give over-the-top players service level agreements with guaranteed bandwidth and charge them for quality of service".

"Smart revenue is better than dumb pipes. Think of LTE as set of services such as QoS, broadcast messages, and security that are sold to third parties who build the end consumer applications and experiences"

See "The death of the dataplan, the rise of smart revenue" - here.

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