Friday, March 2, 2012

Mobixell Reports Improved Buffer Management by YouTube

According to a report in Mobile Europe - "Staff at video optimisation company Mobixell noticed that some YouTube videos appear to be using a different streaming technology to usual. The change seems to be designed to reduce the amount of "unwatched video", and therefore unused data, delivered across fixed and mobile networks".

"Typically, if you start a YouTube video and then press pause the full video will continue to buffer while the player is paused. This is represented by a shadow progress bar loading from left to right, while the "play" progress bar is stalled. But Mobixell has noticed that in about 10% of videos it currently handles, when the pause button pressed the buffer stops as well .. Mobixell said that its files appear to show the new streaming protocol is called Toast and Buttered Sliced Bread, or TABSB".

Google's YouTube press office commented: "Optimising video streaming is important for the user experience and over the past year we've introduced a number of updates in the way some YouTube mobile clients perform buffering and caching. We continue experimenting and hope to introduce some exciting improvements in the upcoming months".

See "Is YouTube trialling mobile optimised streaming?" - here.

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