Thursday, March 29, 2012

Does Cox Prepare for Usage-based Billing?

Will Cox Communications move from data caps to metered usage, with overage fees?
Karl Bode reports to DSLReports that "..a user offers up the screenshot below from the company's own usage tool that indicates Cox will ultimately begin billing users for passing their cap. Customers are informed that the allowance portion of the meter website "shows the amount of data usage included in your plan each billing cycle," and that users can consume more, but "will be billed for any amount you use over your allowance .. Cox currently imposes caps on their service but it varies by local market competition, regional congestion and tier -- all broken down here".

Cox uses Procera's DPI equipment (here), and the company announced a number of orders received from Cox, recent one this week (see "Procera Awarded $2.5 Million Fourth Follow-On Order by Tier-1 US MSO for Continued Network Expansion" - here).
See "Cox Will Begin Charging Overages - At Least According to Their Own Website" - here.

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