Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tekelec: The New iPad Challenges LTE Networks

A guest article in Forbes, by Doug Suriano (pictured), CTO, Tekelec explains that "As the first LTE-enabled iPad, this product will have a huge impact on North American LTE operators, and likewise for operators in markets where LTE will soon be deployed – in a way few have considered .. With LTE, operators will need to handle network signaling messages .. it will escalate the volume of network signaling on LTE networks to new levels .. Each time a subscriber moves to or from an LTE coverage area, the new iPad will register on the correct network technology, introducing a new type of signaling to the tablet market".

"In fact, one large tier one customer told us that the number of concurrent sessions per subscriber, a measure of the number of separate mobile data activities, has increased 50 percent in the last year. We expect that number to increase at least another 50 percent in the next year, due to the LTE iPad and the expected arrival of the several new LTE smartphones".

Fortunately, we now have products for this:

  • [Infonetics]: Diameter Signaling Router Market to Grow at 106% (!) CAGR Through 2016" - here 
  • Diameter Router Products here 
  • How does/will Verizon Wireless Use Tekelec's Diameter Router? - here 

See "How The New iPad Creates 'Signaling Storm' For Carriers" - here.

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