Thursday, March 1, 2012

DPI/Security Announcements: Qosmos Launches an Application-Level Probe

Qosmos announced ".. its new DeepFlow™ Probe for real-time, application-level traffic analysis .. Qosmos DeepFlow Probe classifies network traffic into organized flows, describing the protocols and relevant metadata in real time. Designed for security vendors and MSSP Offerings, the ready-to-use appliance adds behavioral context to traffic monitoring, resulting in improvements in security visibility and actionable information to quickly differentiate good from bad traffic .. Qosmos DeepFlow Probe is immediately available in 2Gb/s, 4Gb/s and 10Gb/s configurations in a 1U appliance with forensically accurate flow and metadata extraction".

Thibaut Bechetoille (pictured), CEO of Qosmos said: "Developing and maintaining such complex technology involves considerable expertise and commitment .. When attempted in-house, it takes vendors away from their core focus at considerable time and cost. It takes a specialist. Building metadata libraries and keeping them up to date for new network applications, protocols and all their variants is our core focus”.

See "New Qosmos DeepFlow Probe Provides Unprecedented Network Visibility for Security Solutions" - here.

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