Sunday, March 11, 2012

Caching Announcements: Qwilt Unveils Transparent-video Delivery Solution

Qwilt, the start-up that partially came out of stealth mode last October (see "Qwilt [Partially] Exposed - "identifies, monitors, stores and delivers Internet video" - here) and raised $24M, has finally announced unveiled a product.

The company announced the "..release of its QB-Series transparent-video delivery solution, a transformative product that gives carriers unprecedented and cost-efficient control over Internet-video traffic in their networks .. The QB-Series product packs the ability to identify, monitor, store and deliver video content on fixed or mobile networks onto a single platform, as opposed to the more cumbersome, “bolted-together” solutions on the market today .. Qwilt testing reveals a performance gain of at least 5x over such competing products".

The transparent-caching/CDN and the mix of the two saw many announcements during the recent year:
  • Frost & Sullivan estimates the market for transparent caching " grow from $140M in 2011 to $708M by 2015" (here)
  • Competitors list includes pure players such as PeerApp (here), Bluecoat (here), Oversi (here), Verivue (here), DiViNetworks (here) and Saguna (here); CDN providers Limelight (here) and as a feature of optimization solutions - Bytemobile (here) as well as Alcatel-Lucent (here), Juniper (here) and Cisco (here)
  • Recent deployments made by Citarella (here), Lebanon Online (here), CallPlus (here), BT Wholesale (here).     
 Alon Maor (pictured), Qwilt's CEO said: “More than 50 carriers worldwide with whom we are engaged are telling us that existing solutions to the online-video challenge are hard to deploy and use, and they don’t scale well as the network grows .. Qwilt, on the other hand, took a blank-slate approach, so we were able to design a new, single-platform solution that is significantly faster and more powerful than competitors'”.

See "Qwilt Unveils Unified, Transparent Caching Solution for Online-Video Delivery" - here.

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