Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ericsson - "Volume deliveries of SSR 8000 are expected in 2012"

Ericsson published its annual report for 2011 (here) in which it discusses a number of times its Smart Services Router SSR 8000 family, that was announced during 2011 (see "Ericsson Smart Services Router to Include DPI and Video Caching" - here)

"Volume deliveries are expected in 2012. It is the first router ever to be built on a common platform for fixed and mobile applications" - See also "Ericsson Updates: SSR (w/DPI) Scheduled for Q4" - here.

Ericsson is not the only vendor to offer a common mobile/fixed platform - see "ALU Positions the 7750-SR as a DPI based Mobile Application Assurance Gateway" - here

"Network performance is the key operator differentiator when it comes to user experience. in 2011, we launched the SSR 8000 family, a series of smart services routers. they support delivery of services across fixed and mobile networks and enable faster introduction of new user services. For operators, the SSR 8000 family provides a simple, smart and scalable solution. For users, it means access to advanced services, with telecom-grade quality from any device anywhere"

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