Monday, March 19, 2012

OTT Announcements: Comigo Unveils a New Smart STB

 Adrian Pennington reports to streaming media about Dov Moran's new start-up - Comigo.

Moran (pictured), the man who invented the USB flash drive, presents "a new smart TV platform .. revolutionary personalization and interactive socialization capabilities .. It is aimed at telco and OTT operators .. The set-top box smart TV solution will be integrated into the Android OS. There is client software for iPad and iPhones as well as Android devices. The platform is being readied for availability in July, possibly with an Isreali operator on board as a first customer in Q3".
Our customers are operators, telcos and OTT .. We think service is important to them and that our system can practically provide their customers with many more services and activities. The system is built in such a way that more applications can be added. We will we provide an API and SDK to be able to do that”.

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