Monday, March 5, 2012

QoE is not Just for Video

Many of my recent posts discussing Quality of Experience were related to video traffic. It turns out that the response time of web sites, with or without video, is still an issue that may have significant business implications.

The information below shows the opportunity carriers may have (putting aside Net Neutrality) by prioritizing commercial traffic. 

Steve Lohr (pictured) reports to the New York Times, that " These days, even 400 milliseconds — literally the blink of an eye — is too long, as Google engineers have discovered. That barely perceptible delay causes people to search less .. The reason is that data-hungry smartphones and tablets are creating frustrating digital traffic jams, as people download maps, video clips of sports highlights, news updates or recommendations for nearby restaurants. The competition to be the quickest is fierce .. People will visit a Web site less often if it is slower than a close competitor by more than 250 milliseconds .. A person will be more patient waiting for a video clip to load than for a search result .. Four out of five online users will click away if a video stalls while loading".

"The hunger for speed on smartphones is a new business opportunity for companies like Akamai Technologies, which specializes in helping Web sites deliver services quicker. Later this month, Akamai plans to introduce mobile accelerator software to help speed up the loading of a Web site or app".

See "For Impatient Web Users, an Eye Blink Is Just Too Long to Wait" - here.

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