Friday, March 2, 2012

Survey: Which Technologies would have the Most Significant Effect?

A new survey, by Monica Paolini (pictured), Senza Fili Consulting, (commissioned by Radisys - see also "Congestion Management: Cell Level vs. Core Network Traffic Management" - here) asked "senior decision makers from operators in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific" and revealed "..which technologies operators expected would have the most significant effect on the industry, how those technologies would impact network performance, subscriber experience and revenue, and which they would support or fight"

Regarding the technologies used for traffic management:
  • 100% of European and Asia Pacific operators intend to deploy small cell networks within two years
  • 100% of North American operators will do so but in three years' time
  • 82% of all operators surveyed support Wi-Fi® offload

See "Mobile Operator Survey: Increase in Data-Hungry Devices Set To Be Most Disruptive Force, But Driving Revenues Still the Biggest Challenge" - here.

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