Friday, March 30, 2012

Monday's Guest Post: New Approach to Policy Management Integration Challenges

A new guest post will be published on Monday. In his article,"Service innovation in Mobile Broadband: nothing standard about it", my 15th guest, Taco Schoute, will look into the challenges of integrating the various elements and inputs needed for successful implementation of policy management and enforcement systems.

".. in order to drive a higher return on investment, operators are now looking to introduce value-based service offerings. This is not possible with their newly acquired policy control capabilities alone. Increasingly more policy decision inputs from existing assets in their back office and IT domain are needed to enable more suited, more advanced Mobile Broadband services and tariff plans. Examples of services desired by the industry include time, location and congestion based offerings, notifications, shared data plans and loyalty schemes" says Taco.

Stay tuned.

Guest posts are welcomed! Please send me a proposed subject, abstract and the author details.

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