Thursday, March 8, 2012

DPI Announcements: Anritsu Adds Qosmos DPI to Service Management Suite

Anritsu announced that "it is partnering with Qosmos to embed its ixEngine Network Intelligence (NI) technology into Anritsu’s MasterClaw® Service Management Suite. As a result, Anritsu’s mobile network operator (MNO) customers enjoy unprecedented visibility into their service operations, enabling an improved customer experience and service levels .. Anritsu’s MasterClaw® Service Management Suite provides mobile operators with an unparalleled, instant overview of the network’s service operation and customer experience, with easy access to workflows, analytical reports, and SLA management. This results in lowered operational costs, improved service quality, better-managed partners and reduced churn"

"Qosmos ixEngine delivers real-time visibility into network traffic for Anritsu’s MasterClaw® , resulting in greater granularity and accuracy in the type of data extracted by the system. MNOs can have instant knowledge of what is going on in the network, as well as access customer usage and behavior metrics such as what services they are using, how much, what device, and more".
See "Anritsu to Enhance Service Management Suite with Qosmos Network Intelligence Technology" - here.

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