Sunday, April 29, 2012

Astellia Adds VoIP Monitoring from VOIPFUTURE

Astellia (see "Astellia's IP Probe" - here) and VOIPFUTURE (see "VOIPFUTURE Correlates VoIP Call Quality with Subscriber ID" - here) announced their partnership ".. to complete Astellia’s network monitoring solution for 2G, 3G and LTE networks with VOIPFUTURE’s offering. Astellia, forerunner in monitoring solutions for optimization of mobile network QoS and QoE, and VOIPFUTURE, the leading provider of voice quality monitoring in IP networks, combine their best of breed technology for a superior QoS and QoE solution"

VOIPFUTURE’s CEO Jan Bastian (pictured) said: “In joining forces, VOIPFUTURE and Astellia anticipate the strong demand of mobile operators for VoIP quality monitoring .. VOIPFUTURE and Astellia will give mobile operators the crucial data they need to control their network, secure service quality and optimize operations”.

See "Astellia and VOIPFUTURE join forces to provide VoIP monitoring for 3G and 4G networks" - here.

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