Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cache Deployments [141]: MTS [India] Selected PeerApp

We start to see more cache deployments in mobile networks. Up until recently, most deployments were in fixed networks, as MNOs considered the radio and backhaul access network as the main pain in cost and performance, while for many ISPs peering links were the expensive element of the chain.

PeerApp (here) announced that "..Sistema Shyam TeleServices Limited that nationally provides telecom services to over 16 million customers under the brand MTS – has deployed PeerApp’s UltraBand transparent caching platform in its network".

"MTS provides its high-speed mobile broadband services under the flagship brand MBlaze in more than 300 towns across India, including the top five metro areas, and the company is rapidly expanding its high speed data network. PeerApp’s UltraBand transparent caching platform will help MTS speed up content delivery and reduce network load up to 40% by automatically detecting popular content and delivering it as close as possible to the subscriber".
Rajeev Batra (pictured), CIO, MTS India said: "With PeerApp’s UltraBand, we can optimize service quality which would help differentiate us further in the expanding data market".

See "MTS India Deploys PeerApp UltraBand to Accelerate Mobile Broadband" - here.

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  1. This is good for the people of India. Expansion of equipment will give better service for them.