Friday, April 13, 2012

Dell and EdgeCast to Offer Carrier CDN

Dell announced ".. Dell Deliver, its first-ever Content Delivery Platform (CDP) that allows network providers to sell Content Delivery Network (CDN) services to the enterprise as well as manage the on-demand delivery of any video to any screen quickly, efficiently and at low cost. Offering network operators a new, easier path to CDN ownership, Dell Deliver is built on Dell PowerEdge 12th generation servers and software from EdgeCast Networks and Elemental Technologies".

"..Dell Deliver is available with a number of deployment models and built with software from EdgeCast Networks, the CDN that delivers a substantial portion of the world’s Internet traffic on behalf of more than 4,000 content providers and Elemental Technologies, a supplier of video processing solutions for multiscreen content delivery. Dell Deliver allows network operators to launch their own CDN quickly and affordably, and allows them to concurrently offer a valuable new service to their enterprise customers and support their own video delivery initiatives".

Will it include transparent caching as well? see -  "PeerApp and EdgeCast Offer Operators Joint CDN/Caching Solution" - here.
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  • EdgeCast Announced "Licensed CDN"; Deployed by Pacnet and AT&T(?) - here
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See "Dell Teams Up with EdgeCast Networks and Elemental Technologies to Make Content Production and Delivery Networks More Attainable for Service Providers" - here.

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