Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Optimization Announcements: RGB Networks Packages Streaming Video In Real-time for Adaptive Bitrate

RGB Networks announced a " “just-in-time” packaging (JITP) capabilities to its award-winning TransAct Packager. This new technology enables video service providers (VSPs) to deliver adaptive bitrate video-on-demand (VOD), network digital video recorder (NDVR) and TV Everywhere services without pre-packaging all their video assets in each of the adaptive streaming protocols, thus reducing the need for costly storage and network bandwidth, and allowing VSPs to more quickly and cost-effectively expand their TV Everywhere libraries". 

".. Rather than having to pre-package all the profiles of every one of their programs in all adaptive streaming protocols, VSP’s simply package programs in real time into the appropriate protocol only when that content is requested by viewers on a specific device. This JITP substantially reduces the need to add additional storage and enables VSPs to manage their storage and bandwidth costs as their libraries of content available for multiscreen distribution grow".

See "RGB Networks’ Just-in-Time-Packaging Streamlines Delivery of VOD, NDVR and TV Everywhere Services and Reduces Expensive Storage and Bandwidth Costs" - here

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