Sunday, April 22, 2012

[Google]: "There’s a clear correlation between speed and the success of your online business”

Olga Kharif reports to Bloomberg Businessweek on Arvind Jain (pictured), Google's engineering director efforts to improve web sites response time.

"Jain’s mission: get websites to load over mobile- phone networks twice as quickly as they do now. Today’s times are typically 9.2 seconds in the U.S .. "There’s a clear correlation between speed and the success of your online business,” Jain said"

"What makes a mobile Web connection slow? In some cases, it’s the carriers’ network -- say, if users can’t get 3G or 4G service on their phones. Often, though, it’s because the Web page wasn’t designed to load quickly on a wireless device .. To fix the problem, Google is tweaking its mobile browser and working with other companies on changing the way basic Internet technologies work".

"Google also is pushing for revisions to Internet protocols, the decades-old rules that govern the way the Web functions. The changes would better handle the quirks of modern mobile networks, such as their propensity to occasionally lose data en route. A revision called TCP PRR, for example, will deploy a new algorithm that accounts for data losses and network congestion" - See Google [Still] Claims there is a Faster TCP" - here.

"Faster mobile Web speeds also translate into additional mobile-ad revenue. A 30 percent improvement in mobile Internet’s speed could lead to a 15 percent rise in ad sales, said Trevor Healy (pictured), chief executive officer of mobile-ad provider Amobee Inc. U.S. mobile-advertising spending will reach $2.61 billion this year, up from $1.45 billion in 2011, according to EMarketer Inc."
See "Google Seeks Billions by Boosting Mobile Internet Speeds" - here.

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