Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cache Deployments [141]: Wataniya Telecom [Kuwait] Uses Huawei

Huawei and Wataniya Telecom announced ".. the successful deployment of Huawei's Internet Cache solution on Wataniya Telecom's Networks Infrastructure .. Wataniya Telecom is able to provide Kuwait's mobile users with an enhanced high-speed Internet experience and a plethora of service applications, while increasing its return on investment through expanded bandwidth and traffic reductions of more than 50%".

See also - "P2P and Video Caching: Huawei iCache Solution" - here.

Hisham Siblini (pictured), CTO of Wataniya Telecom said: "Huawei's Internet Cache Solution enables us to exploit existing network facilities and provide more on-demand services to our users".

Wataniya is the second largest mobile telecommunications operator in Kuwait.

"To date, Huawei's Internet Cache solution has been implemented by world-leading telecom operators such as Wataniya Telecom, M1 Singapore and China Mobile" (see also "Huawei's PCRF Customer list" - here].

See "Wataniya Telecom and Huawei Successfully Deploy Internet Cache Solution in Kuwait" - here.

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  1. This was a good news from huawei one of the top vendors in telecommunication industry. Huawei stretching is wing 3x or more to be called number one.