Friday, April 13, 2012

Grameenphone [Bangladesh]: "Caching is one of the optimisation initiatives that we put high on our agenda"

K.M. Tariquzzaman (pictured), Deputy Director & Head of Planning, Design & Dimensioning Technology Division at Bangladeshi telco Grameenphone (87M subscribers), interviewed to Broadband World Forum.
"What traffic optimisation initiatives has Grameenphone undertaken to deliver a better customer experience?"

"We have implemented a number of techniques to make best use of our resources and make our customers happy. Caching is one of the optimisation initiatives that we put high on our agenda. We are doing it in multiple places and in different ways in order to make sure we are getting the full benefit of caching in terms of reducing content appearance time and upstream throughput.
We are also doing overall data optimisation by content adaptation and transcoding to reduce load on our upstream pipe and radio resources, and improving customer experience by giving them more content with the same throughput.

Although we are doing Web optimisation for the time being, we are to starting to optimise video, as we see video as being one of the fastest-growing types of Internet content, and a large portion of our customer experience on mobile data is built around it".

See "Speaker Interview: K.M. Tariquzzaman" - here.

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