Friday, April 27, 2012

Diametriq (IntelliNet Technologies) Now Focused on Diameter Signaling

IntelliNet Technologies, one of the first companies to offer Diameter Signaling Routing, is now dedicated to the space.

The company, now named Diametriq announced that it ".. was launched today to focus on “Smart Signaling” solutions and meeting the ever increasing signaling traffic demands of 4G/LTE networks. The new company is derived from key assets including executive leadership, engineering, and technologies from IntelliNet Technologies, a wireless networks convergence company".

The Diameter Signaling Routing made an impressive progress in its short existence. Recent milestones were the acquisition of Traffix by F5 (here, and "F5 CEO Happy with Traffix" - here), significant deals for Tekelec (here, here, here) and new players (Ulticom, Alepo). My Diameter Router Product page (here) was updated accordingly.

"Anjan Ghosal (pictured), CEO of IntelliNet Technologies and a veteran of the telecom industry, successfully spun out IntelliNet’s Mobile Data Offload business last year to Ruckus Wireless of San Jose, California .. For this new venture Ghosal has teamed up with industry veterans Kumar Ramalingam heading up Product Development, Chris Knight, Product Management, and Dan Wonak, Marketing and Operations".

See "Diametriq™ Delivers a Unique Approach for Managing LTE Control Traffic" - here.

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