Wednesday, April 4, 2012

[YG]: "Operators must think of shared data plans as more than a discount threat"

A new report from by Rich Karpinski (pictured), senior analyst, Yankee Group, looks at shared family or multi-device mobile data plans and concludes that: ".. Mobile operators should view their initial efforts in this area as an opportunity to increase customer loyalty, reduce churn and speed customer transition to their new 4G networks while also setting the stage to deliver even more dynamic pricing schemes in the future .. Operators must think of shared data plans as more than a discount threat. Implement such plans correctly and savvy operators can create a “network platform play” that improves stickiness, reduces churn and even accelerates the migration of users onto new 4G networks".

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See "Buckets of Data: Evaluating Family and Multi-Device Plans" - here.

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  1. Most Telecommunication providers treat there data plan as gold, because the whole network was listed here. But I guess if they share part of their data plan for expansion and better services, the consumers will benefits.