Monday, April 30, 2012

AT&T Stockholders wont Allow Net Neutrality to Stop Mobile Data Revenues Growth

If you own a MNO, you probably do not like Net Neutrality .. even if it means you will pay more, as a customer. This is what 94% of AT&T stockholders are saying.

ATT announced that "At its annual meeting of stockholders .. The following proposals from stockholders were also voted on: ..A proposal asking that AT&T commit to operating its wireless network without the ability to privilege, degrade or prioritize any traffic was defeated by a vote of 94.1 percent against to 5.9 percent in favor".  See "AT&T Announces Preliminary Results of 2012 Annual Meeting" - here.

Before the meeting, AT&T's board recommended stockholders "you vote AGAINST this proposal for the following reasons:"

"This proposal would harm AT&T’s ability to manage its network and maintain the network quality and security that our customers expect .. The proponents appear to have no understanding of the negative impact on the Company’s operations of requiring purely “neutral” routing of Internet traffic. .. This proposal would impose rules on the operation of AT&T’s wireless broadband network that are stricter than those adopted by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This would put us at a significant disadvantage because we would be required to operate our network under constraints that would not apply to our competitors. Furthermore, the proposal would not allow AT&T to use reasonable network management practices in operating its wireless broadband network .. AT&T is committed to maintaining an open Internet and providing competitive choices for consumers. We want our broadband networks to enable new applications and new services, while ensuring our customers have the tools they need to protect their privacy and security" (more - here)

The chart below shows ATT's wireless data revenues, from its 2012 Q1 report (here).  

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