Thursday, April 26, 2012

CommProve: The Business Model Behind Cell Awareness

CommProve published some numbers, "that have been pulled together based on CommProve real-life deployments", arguing that "..real-time cell-awareness is the key to mobile network operators simultaneously increasing ARPU whilst preventing OTT revenue erosion. Combined with policy management, real-time cell awareness provides mobile operators with the opportunity to customize subscriber quality of experience with – for example – speed boosts and priority network use on a per subscriber or application basis".
See "CommProve Adds Cell, Location and Mobility Intelligence to Policy Management" - here.

"Real-time cell awareness enables real-time customization of the subscriber experience. For the first time effective policy control can be implemented and managed minute-by-minute at the subscriber level .. By including real-time cell awareness operators can: Make CapEx savings and Avoid revenue leakage from subscribers not being able to access resources"

Example Use Case:(Euro)
Monthly revenue from 1 BTS with congestion€55,500
Monthly revenue from 1 BTS without congestion€57,200
Number of BTSs full coverage120,000
Estimated number of congested BTSs8,400
Estimated number of congested hours (in a month)75
Revenue loss saving per month€1,487,500

See "Real-time cell awareness key to sweating mobile network assets" - here.

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