Thursday, April 5, 2012

MetroPCS Controls Speed for Low-Cost LTE Service

A year ago, MetroPCS was planning to offer LTE users application-based service plans (here, using Amdocs policy management gear).
This ambitious, Net Neutrality challenging, plan has been replaced by a simpler concept, and the MNOoffers now several service plans, some with volume quotas and speed reduction penalties.
Phil Goldstein report to FierceWireless that "MetroPCS increased the price of its unlimited LTE smartphone data plan to $70 [here] and will throttle the data speeds of its three other LTE pricing plans, a company spokesman confirmed. The flat-rate carrier previously charged $60 for unlimited voice, texting, data, email and either its MetroSTUDIO on-demand video service or its Rhapsody Unlimited Music--it increased that price to $70 per month with its MetroSTUDIO service. The company's $60 plan now caps usage at 5 GB of LTE data and users' data speeds are slowed after they consume that 5 GB. The $60 plan includes Rhapsody".
MetroPCS spokesman Drew Crowell said to FierceWireless : "Customers will remain on the 4G LTE network but receive a reduced speed similar to what they might experience on MetroPCS' 3G networks .. speeds will bump back up at the start of customers' next monthly billing cycle .. Even though 4G LTE speeds may be reduced, because of the 'always on' nature of our 4G LTE network, the experience for the majority of what a customer does on a daily basis, like Facebook, web surfing, etc., should continue to be solid"
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